You have questions, we have answers to the most common questions we receive abou thte program!

It really is quite simple to own your own home! Get the facts below!

I am not a teacher, can I take advantage of this program?

Mostly No, but if you are an employee of School System then the answer is Yes!  This includes, Para professionals, Admin, Custodial, Principals, AP’s, Support Staff, Bus Drivers.  If your check says Lee County Schools, then you can take advantage of this program.

What makes you different than using my own lender and agent?

No fee, Buyer Credit, Donations to your school, We do everything from the educational aspect on picking insurance, flood, negotiations, hunting.  You have a consultant at your disposal 24/7 to walk your through the whole process.  As of 2016, 159 teachers have bought homes and none have failed yet!

Where does the donation come from?

Right out of my pocket.  When you have no fees it comes straight out of my wallet.  Many other copy cat educator loan companies reduce their fees, but still charge them and give you a fraction of that fee.  That is like taking the money from your wallet and giving some back to your work.  Doesn’t sound charitable to me!

Where can I apply the donation?

I am very specific on where you want the money to go.  You choose, not anyone else.  I go straight to your bookkeeper and you tell me what fund to place it in.  If you do not have a fund yet, we will make one.

Explain the buyer credit portion?

Many times a lender can contribute up to a certain amount of funds to help you.  All lenders in this program know this, so if there is any extra monies left over, and you have come up with your down payment, we will credit it to you back by buying a home warrantee, buy down your principal payment, buy down your interest rate, help with prepaids or taxes.  The amount can be substantial so you get it back.

What if my credit is no good?

We pay for credit counseling and credit restoration.  We will walk you through exactly what to do and give you a game plan.  Credit is very easy to increase, but way too many either think they know or just plain do not know how.  That is where we come in.  Of course, no fees for this either!  Our goal is to help you get into a home no matter what the costs.

What if I have huge student debt?

Our lenders know you are teachers and we also know your student debts probably exceed your yearly income.  No problems.  Our lenders manually underwrite you up front and we do not care about your student debts no any medical collections you may have.  We look at the person not the numbers.

What about a foreclosure or bankruptcy?

Guidelines state you may have to wait 5-7 years before getting a home loan.  Not with us.  2-3 years from discharge or sale of the home is all you have to wait.  All can be forgiven.

What fees do you pay for or waive?

All of them.  No fees mean no fees!

I am a bus driver can I take advantage of the program?

Do you get paid from the School System?  Then the answer is Yes!

I am a retired teacher can I take advantage of the program?

Did you teach for more than 4 years when you did teach?  Then the answer is Yes!

I know a realtor, can I still use the program?

Unfortunately No.  Teachers Can Buy Homes is a program designed exclusively for the needs of Teachers.  This is not about realtors or mortgage brokers.  This is an all encompassing program that involves all trades and professionals from the inspector, broker, agent, underwriters, processors, originators, insurance agent, pest company, title companies, and all trades.  So you can focus on what you do best, and we can focus on your success.  Everyone is committed to helping and assisting you through the whole process.   

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