This program is a Godsend says Alex and Brianna with Harns Marsh Middle

Alex and Brianna, both teachers at Harns Marsh Middle, just closed on their first home using the teacher can buy homes program. “Amazing to have someone guiding you through the whole process”, says Alex. It really takes the stress out of the process. Just being newly engaged, they had a lot on their plate. “Ed took away most of the stress and details to make the process smooth. Ed is a god” says Alex. As always no Fees which saved them $1000’s, they had no closing costs, and in the end we will be donating to Harns Marsh Middle to their science departments to buy animal skulls, and sharks to dissect. When asked how it feels owning a home, Brianna said it the best, “Stability means more to me than anything. It is such a weight off our shoulders”.