“The Feeling is Unreal And The Program Amazing!!!”

Trevon, a PLC teacher at Harns Marsh Elementary, and Donte just closed on their new home using the Teacherscanbuyhomes program. “The program was amazing” says Trevon. “As both of us are first generation home owners, the process is very intimidating”. The program helps teachers navigate the complications that come up when buying a home, and teaches the teacher how to buy a home from start to finish. “Communication was fantastic”. Donte says, “the process was not stressful as I thought it would be”. The 2 came to closing with no fees, no closing costs, and even when they were charged $650 for an appraisal, we made sure they got a check at closing to reimburse that cost. Hear their story here. www.teacherscanbuyhomes.com

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