Teacher at Colonial Elementary makes a dream happen

The Program Also Helps Teachers Families!

Nicole Shields with Colonial Elementary, referred her mother to Teachers Can Buy Homes after her successful closing only 2 months ago.  Not only were we able to assist her mother with buying her home, but we also donated back to Nicole’s Department again.  $500 was given and accepted by her principal Dr. Bur ands her new AP Eric Washington, bringing the total amount donated to $2150 all to Kindergarten!  Even Family can be helped with this Lee County only program.




Teachers Can Buy Homes Program is the #1, most celebrated Teacher Home Buying Program created to assist our most valuable asset, Teachers!

Through this program Teachers, Educators, Principals, Assistant Principals and any one associated with the education of our youth can benefit.

Teachers Can Buy Homes Program was designed to make the home buying process simple, easy, fast and affordable.

Teachers buying their first home have found great success using this program.

Not only do Teachers save substantial dollars when it comes to buying a home, a donation is made back to their school to the program of their choice.

Many Teachers choose to have a donation made to their school for academics, arts or athletics. Schools are short on funds to pay for all the programs they want to have. The Teachers Can Buy Homes Program donates $10,000's of dollars annually on behalf of the teachers they help.