Just For Publix Employees: We Don't Just Help Publix Employees, Buy, Sell & Invest In Real Estate, It Is Our Goal To Donate $10,000 To Charities Each Year!

New Real Estate Program Designed Just For Publix Employees!

Sorry, but if you are not a Publix Employee, Past, Present or Family Member, then this Just For Publix Employees Program is not for you!

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Learn how easy it is as a Publix Employee or family member to buy a home and receive a charitable donation made in your name!

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With This "Just For Publix Employees Program" You Will Discover...

  • No Closing Cost Ever!

    Reduces your cost, Keep more in your pocket!  This loan believes in Educators who help our children!  No fees of any kind ever.  Fees with most loans include Application Fees, Processing Fees, Underwriting Fees, and Lock in Fees.  NOT WITH THIS LOAN!  EVER!

  • $3,000 To Your Charity

    Up to $3,000 in Donations can be used for any Charity program of your choice. Pick any program you wish and a check will be made to that program at closing.

  • Priority VIP Processing

    As a teacher, your time is valuable! Your application will be expedited so you can act quickly when buying your home.  You are also put in the front of the line meaning faster turn around times and a smoother transaction experience.

Download FREE "Just For Publix Employees Info"