Just For Teachers

We Help Teachers Buy And Sell Real Estate & It Is Our Goal To Donate $20,000+ Back To Local Schools Each Year!

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Donations To Your School

Buy or sell a home and we will make a cash donation to the the school program of your choice.  Choose from academics, athletics or special interest programs that you feel will benefit the students the most!
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Exclusive Financing Package!

As a teacher, you are a special person, and our lenders recognize that.  This is why we have a one of a kind program exclusively for teacher professionals. You will never pay closing cost, or application fees associated with your loan! Still have student loans? No problem, we can help!

No Closing Cost!

Reduces your cost, Keep more in your pocket!  This loan believes in Educators who help our children!  No fees of any kind ever.  Fees with most loans include Application Fees, Processing Fees, Underwriting Fees, and Lock in Fees.  NOT WITH THIS LOAN!  EVER!

Meet The Teachers Changing Lives!

New Homes & New School Supplies!

Meet all the amazing teachers we are helping save money, own a home and earn valuable donations back to their school programs they choose!
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Donations To Your School!

Buy a home and we will donate back to the program of your choice at your school!

Teacher Success

"I couldn't believe how easy it was to buy my first home! This program made it easy and saved me a lot of money!"
-- Sarah Williams, Mariner High School

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