“It feels Great and I am excited” says Marcos from Lehigh Elementary

Marcos has never owned a home before.  “This is my first home…my family has always rented and have never owned a home”. says Marcos.  “I had only graduated a few years ago and never thought it was possible to buy a home that soon, until I talked to Teacherscanbuyhomes”.  Marcos like many always doubt they can buy a home.  Whether it is high student debt, subpar credit, or lack of money down, Teacherscanbuyhomes can combat these issues and get a lender to qualify you just for being a teacher.  Buying a home should never be scary or intimidating.  The process was smooth and they made it so easy” says Marcos.  Couple that with instant buydown, no fees, and no closing costs, buying a home has never been easier.  Teachers can buy homes is making a donation to Lehigh Elementary to fund Extra projects to the 4th grade gifted program.  In the end, Marcos says “Being a homeowner feels great and I am super excited for the future.”