Head Custodian at Gateway Elementary Buys His Very First Home

Garett, the head custodian of Gateway Elementary, Uses Teachers Can Buy Homes.

Teachers Can Buy Homes not only helps teachers but all Lee Schools staff achieve their goals.  Garett came to us in need of his first home.  After an intensive consultation, we figured a way he could buy a home after working in his credit and tweaking what needed to be done.  45 days later Garett is a Happy First Time Home Buyer!  The program bought down his interest rate a full .375 off the interest rate, negotiated over $3500 in repairs, and he bought the home with only just his 3.5% down.  A donation for $500 was made to Principal Siebernaler that went toward the library to buy books in Garetts honor.  HEAR HIS STORY BELOW ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓


Teachers Can Buy Homes Program is the #1, most celebrated Teacher Home Buying Program created to assist our most valuable asset, Teachers!

Through this program Teachers, Educators, Principals, Assistant Principals and anyone associated with the education of our youth can benefit.

Teachers Can Buy Homes Program was designed to make the home buying process simple, easy, fast and affordable.

Teachers buying their first home have found great success using this program.

Not only do Teachers save substantial dollars when it comes to buying a home, a donation is made back to their school to the program of their choice.

Many Teachers choose to have a donation made to their school for academics, arts or athletics. Schools are short on funds to pay for all the programs they want to have. The Teachers Can Buy Homes Program has donated over $50,000 among 32 schools in less than 3 years on behalf of the teachers they help.