“Feels unreal and I cannot wait to open our door!”

Jason Thomashefsky and his wife Kaitlyn just closed on their new home using the teachers can buy homes program. “When we got started our credit was terrible” says Jason. This is a common problem because no one teaches about credit and how to improve and work on it. At teachers can buy homes, we teach you how to rapidly increase your score so you can get a loan. “”We never learned about credit and I cannot believe how easy it was for our credit to be fixed” says Kaitlyn. “After we talked with you and you went over it…it changed so quickly IT WAS WILD!” Jason had concerns about his student loans like almost every teacher we talk to. “After I got my doctorate degree, I never thought I would ever get a loan” says Jason. With the program, student debt is not a problem…even doctorate level loans. “TO know that it doesn’t matter how much we had in debt is the AMAZING thing about the program” says Kaitlyn. Teachers Can Buy Homes will be donating to the District art department to go toward downtown art walks so students can show off their talent. On how it feels to own a home, Kaitlyn said it best: “To go from a 2 bedroom apartment to a new home feels UNREAL and I can’t wait to open our door today!”