“Ed showed us the way and guided me the whole thing” says Allen with the Alva School

Allen Razon, an IT specialist with The Alva School used Teacherscanbuyhomes program to coordinate a very hectic month. Not only did school just start, his wife was 8 months pregnant, his lease had many months left on it which he was supposed to pay on, Allen was able to buy the home of his dreams with ease. Not only does Teacherscanbuyhomes buy down interest rates, and help teachers come to closing with less than required down payments, but also we help consult through the whole thing so teachers can focus on what they do best and leave the worries to us to handle. Allen was able to get out of his ease early with no penalty, close quickly 3 weeks before his wife was having the baby, and work the whole time at the school. No matter what your story, it all starts with the desire to own a home, from there we can make it happen.

Hear his story below